Nurgleprobe – TOP 10 Dark Ascension cards – Part 2

Hello my Nurglings.

Time for the last 5 cards of my top 10 Dark Ascension cards list, to read the first part you can go here:

5 – Vorapede
This is one hard nut to crack, Vorapede does a lot of awesome things. It’s a big creature, it has vigilance which is not the most common ability amongst the big green cards, and it tramples. Most people complaining about this card are either talking about one; it’s triple green mana cost, two; it doesn’t have evasion. But heeey let’s take a look at it again shall we, oh what do I see, undying? It may not be evasion in the classic sense, but after your opponent kill this creature with their Doom Blade or blocks it to death it will come back to the field larger than before. Forcing them to waste more than one card on something huge like Vorapede is a fine deal.

4 – Strangleroot Geist
Okay so everyone is talking about this card, they’ve looked at the card, they’ve commented on the card, they’ve been amazed by its haste and they’ve been amazed by the undying effect that comes with it. Green or green/red decks finally have that early drop that lets them be aggressive. Cheaper haste creatures always have a place in standard if they’re good enough. Strangleroot is joined by the ability Undying which means he will probably be a good enough early drop in the format to come. As I said about Vorapede, the only thing that is worse than having to deal with these cards is having to deal with them twice.

3 – Sorin, Lord Of Innistrad
I don’t know about you, but I think this card is somewhat overrated at the moment. Why? Well. First of all it’s mostly a feeling I have. I cannot deny the fact that on paper he is looking awesome. But I also remember the new Liliana looking awesome on paper when she was spoiled, sure she sees some play but not plenty like most people were expecting. I guess it has a lot to do with the format, maybe the cards aren’t fitted for it. Sorin is still high on the list just because of the hype and what it may do in Standard. He will just have to prove himself to keep this spot on the list.

2 – Gravecrawler
Now here is a card that is sweet on so many levels. You can cast it again and again from the grave as long as you make sure that you have a zombie on the field. It’s a one mana 2/1 which is awesomely sweet, and I see a few aggressive and controlling decks using this in the future. The one problem I have with it is the need of zombies. You need a zombie to get it back, so obviously your plan is to play around that. Not sure which zombies you want to play yet, but if the plan is to be somewhat controlling, maybe the new Undying zombie would fit in to the same deck.

1 – Huntmaster of the Fells / Ravager of the Fells
It enters the battlefield, it does a trick, it flips, it does a trick and your opponent kills it. By that time you’ve gained a 2/2 wolf, gained 2 life, burned your opponent (or one of their Planeswalkers) for 2, and killed one of their 2 or less toughness creatures. For a simple cost of 4 mana, this card will be awesome in standard, and people should pick it up while they can.

Getting so much value from simply casting a card is something that’s always been great in Standard. This card also has the possibility to gain you more and more if it gets the chance to flip a few times, I doubt it often will though. Your opponent will hate this card, you will love the card, and you will hate it when he plays his, because when they flip, they’re both dead.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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