Dark Ascension Spoiler – Artifact – Grafdigger’s Cage

Hello my Nurglings!

I had so many ideas for the future, or well a few. I had an idea of a deck using Gravecrawler and other sweet cards to make an aggressive black or U/B deck. I was looking at Faithless Looting and Burning Vengeance and the possibility to make a Vengeance deck with plenty of sweet flashback cards.

Then came the day, today, the day when I saw one of the new Dark Ascension artifacts and I face palmed. And I thought, hell this is no good for me and my future… or?

Here is the card:

So, they really love to give cheap artifacts an ability that counters different popular decks and combos and so on, there’s been plenty of them coming out lately (at least one each set). The problem I have with this one is the fact that it stops the decks that I want to create: burning Vengeance being one of those decks.

I love this card in the way that I know now what deck I will be showing you all as soon as the whole Dark Ascension set has been spoiled (probably): Green Red Aggro.

At first I thought this card had ONE effect, that you can’t cast spells from your graveyard, but it also stops creatures from entering the battlefield from the graveyard and deck. So this can do a lot of fun things in plenty of formats. It also stops undying, which may end up being really important in the standard environment to come.

Well until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Just run Ancient grudge. Done.

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