Nurgle Update – January 14th 2012

Hello my Nurglings!

The ones of you that stick around know that I do short updates at times, about me, about the blog, about several different things. Usually I promise future content, but I know that promising stuff for a blog is a bad idea if I’m not already working on it. Why? Cause it may just not happen. Like saying that you will review a game but you haven’t it played it yet. It’s just a bad idea.

Today is also the pre-release of the new Yu Gi Oh set: Order of Chaos. The Yu Gi Oh TCG is sadly a game that I’ve been pulled further and further apart from. Why? Well once you take a longer pause from Yu Gi Oh there’s a big investment to be made to get into the game again. The game is just too expensive for me to get back into right now. I can afford it, but it’s hard when I also want to continue playing Magic The Gathering and other games.

When on the subject of Magic, I just want to say: I know there is a lot of Magic going on right now on the blog. But a new set is coming out and there’s a lot to be said about it and its spoilers. Wizard of the Coast really knows how to build the hype for new sets. And I just love the whole horror theme of the Innistrad block, so it’s hard for me to hold back when they reveal new awesome cards flavored by horror.

That’s long enough of an update wasn’t it?
Also: thanks to all the new followers, subscribers and likes! You’re the ones that makes me want to keep going.

Until next time Nurglings, take care.
Cya soon!

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