Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Wolfbitten Captive – Krallenhorde Killer

Hello my Nurglings!

I’m sorry but it’s time for another Dark Ascension spoiler. I know it’s boring for all of you that don’t follow up or like Magic The Gathering. But, it’s that time of the year I’m afraid, I will be trying to do other articles as well!

So it’s time for another Werewolf card, and I must say I’m getting a bit excited about the future for Werewolves. They are getting another 1 mana drop! But this time the Werewolf is in green, so it looks like Reckless Waif will finally get a buddy, and mono green will get an early aggressive drop if they pick to play it.

Yea I’m just showing this one, I will be doing a Werewolf deck in the near future. So just hold on for more!

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!


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