Dark Ascension – Spoiler – Mythic Werewolf – Huntmaster of the Fells – Ravager of the Fells

Hello my Nurglings!

My god so many Werewolves! And I think most if not all of them from Dark Ascension are spoiled now right? Oh you didn’t know? The mythic Werewolf has been revealed! Guess what, it does everything you want it to do. Well maybe not, but this card, gives you sweet effects no matter what side it transforms into.

Just look at it!

Day side:
When the card itself enters the battlefield, or when it is transformed to its day side, Huntmaster will create a 2/2 green wolf creature token. I love creature tokens! So already there I was satisfied by what this card was doing on its human side. One of the better day effects among werewolves so far. I was almost about to look at the other side of this card as I noticed that there was one more line of text. You ALSO gain 2 life when it enters/transforms, this may not sound so important, but adding up the other side…

Night side:
Okay, so you shock your opponent and any one creature he controls for 2 damage. May not sound that important, but adding the fact that you also gained two life when he entered the battlefield you will gain a life advantage of 4, and +2 every turn that he transforms. That is without counting the fact that he creates 2/2 wolf tokens AND kills small creatures (and there are plenty of those in the format). Oh and he’s a 4/4 trample.

I’m loving this card, and I think I’m doing a werewolf deck.

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!


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