Let’s Talk Dark Ascension – Planeswalker Spoiler – Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Hello my Nurgligns!

Oh my god I’m in love! And his name is Sorin and I want to have him for my collection and my future all out Planeswalker EDH deck, and I want to “do him” in Standard to see what kind of havoc he can bring.

You know what, let’s just look at him.

Why do I love him?
Reason 1:
He creates vampires, I love vampires in Magic, and he creates 1/1’s with lifelink! Oh believe me you will see a new improved vampire deck on here as soon as more cards gets spoiled.

Reason 2:
He’s a lord, and he’s the first Planeswalker with a cheap Emblem ability that you can use several times during a game.

Reason 3:
Destroying three creatures/Planeswalkers just to take control over them yourself? Yes please!

So the new Sorin is a sweet card indeed. For only 4 mana you get a Planeswalker that can create field presence and make your guys stronger. The one thing that may seem weird to all of you is the fact that he needs white mana to be cast. You know why he needs white mana? Cause he is one of the good guys on Innistrad! Well in a way that only a vampire can be good, making you less of a slave.

Here is the explenation (Dark Ascension trailer):

I won’t be brewing to much on this card right now, but I’m betting there’s plenty of happy faces out there to see a new Sorin (me included). So…

Until next time, take care Nurglings.
Cya soon!


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