Nerd Calendar – 21th – Soft Christmas Gifts for the nerd/geek!

Hello my Nurglings!

Time for another Christmas Gift special. This one is a bit late I know, Christmas is soon upon us but even if you don’t buy any of these as Christmas gifts, you could always buy them later for a birthday or just a sweet special gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend.

And the special is: Soft Gifts!

Yes I know, most nerds out there want to get hard gifts (laugh it off… there we go), like games, games and more games, and other stuff they can use for their games. No that is not completely true but for some people I bet it is. So what can you get for this anti-soft-gift person? Well, I got a list.

1. Pikachu Hoodie
For who: Her or Him.
Price: ~ 70$
Why: Well every nerd (no not every but most nerds) love Pokémon. I would say it’s safer to give it to a girl, because it’s so darn cute!

2. Turtles Pilot Hat
For who: Him.
Price: ~ 15$
Why: Cause guys love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Make sure they watched/read it when they were kids though.

3. Plushies, plushies and more plushies!
For who: Anyone!
Price: ~ 5$ – 50$ (Depending on size and rarity and what not).
Why: We all had something to hold on too when we were kids, was it a blanket or a teddy. Now when we’re grown up, it’s not as cool to have a teddy in your bed. But when you make it a plushie from one of your favorite themed games or movies, it’s awesome!

4. I love my Geek T-shirt.
For who: Her… but from her?
Price: ~17$
Why: Well this is a sweet gift but should almost be bought in pairs. Or by you to show that you love your boyfriend / girlfriend even if he/she is a geek. It’s a cute thing to wear and I’d believe your partner would love to see you in it if he/she truly is a “geek”.

5. Geek Love T-Shirt
For who: The geeky couple
Price: ~ 22$
Why: This is awesome! Stand further than 5 meters from each other and the life bar is half-lit, stand closer to together and it fills up to full health! Wow this is just amazingly cute, awesome and sweet at the same time.

Hope you enjoyed a few of the gifts. And if you want to know where to find them, here is a few sites where you can find these products:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. where can i get that pikachu hoodie?

  2. Why can’t I find things like this in Brazil? D:

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