Nerd Calendar – 17th – Board game gifts for Christmas!

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what, it’s only seven more days until Christmas. Yup, and if you just realized that maybe it’s time for you to get some last minute presents… or any presents for that matter! So what if you have a nerdy boyfriend/girlfriend or a not so nerdy relative that you would like to buy something special for. You still don’t want to go over your budget so you like around for some cheap gifts that are still fun to give away.

Well here is a list for you.
Cheap (compared to many other things) and fun nerdy gifts to give away!
In no particular order.

1. Zombie Dice
Who wants it: The Zombie lover
Cost: ~ 13$

Zombie dice is a small game that is easily transportable and you can play it almost anywhere. The goal of the game is to collect points by killing of zombies, and avoid being eaten along the way. It’s quick, it sweet and brings you some zombie inspired dice.

2. Munchkin

Who wants it: People with a sense of humor
Cost: ~20$

Munchkin is a simple card game that is fast and easy to learn for anyone. It comes with a bunch of humor and several different version that fits different people. Like Zombie Munchkin or Cthuhlu Munchkin.

3: DotCard
Who wants it: Anyone that enjoy UNO or Domino.
Cost: ~ 12$ – 30$ (12$for just the deck, around 30 for a sweet (fake) leather case).

DotCard is a card game that plays a lot like UNO but with a strong Domino theme. The game is easy to learn and anyone can sit down and enjoy it. Kids will enjoy the simple game play and older players will enjoy the strategy behind it. Perfect for any family or somebody that just enjoys gaming.

4: Carcassonne
Who wants it: Anyone! (After they’ve played it).
Cost: ~ 25$

Pick up a tile, place it on the board, expand the map and place your followers in different spaces to gain points. Count the points when the tiles run out to see who wins. Just as simple it is to learn, it is to play and love! This is a game that game lovers and novices both enjoy playing. Some people may not enjoy the simple look of the game, but as soon as you get passed that, you see that there’s a great game under it.

Well hope you enjoyed the list. If you see something that’s interesting, go look it up for reviews and more information about. I hardly touched the surface of these games and they deserve more than just a few lines of text.

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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