Sword Girls Online – Almost a Review

Hello my Nurglings!

So one of the reasons that I’ve been a bit slow with my Calendar updates is because of a game that I’ve been playing the last few days. It an Online Collectible Card Game called Sword Girls! It’s currently in Closed Beta but it will open up for the public shortly! And then everyone can join in the fun.

I thought I would give a short review of what I feel about this game, finally now after about 250 matches and completed several completed dungeons, yes a card game with dungeons. I haven’t read up to much on the story of Sword Girls, but the name itself tells us the most important part, girls with swords. All card motives in the games are currently girls, manga girls none the less.

There are four different factions in the game.
The strong, Crux.
The shadowy, Darklore
The clever, Academy.
And the persistent, Vita.

Sword Girls is a Flash based game where you build decks, collect cards, search for minerals, play against other players, train and upgrade your cards, craft cards and more!
So as you see there is plenty to do except just playing the card game, and that is one of the strong points of the game. Seeing that Rare card that you want to craft is a great way of giving yourself a goal within the game. When you play matches or fight your way through dungeons, you’re able to collect minerals and items that are needed to create/craft newer and better cards. So the more you play, the bigger the chance you end up with the cards you want or need.

Your deck consist of three different cards.
A character card – much like in WoW the card game, this is “you”. It shows your hit points that you’re opponent need to lower to 0. And different characters have different effects that activate every round.
Followers – Cards that fight against your opponents’ followers and damages your opponents’ character.
Spells – Cards with a onetime effect that may greatly change the wave of the battle.

Instead of talking all much about the rules of the game, I thought I would look at how the game actually works. Something that’s very different between Sword Girls and other card games, is that most effects and attacks are random, when a card attacks, it attacks a random card on your opponents side, and cards will attack in a random order.

Spells will always activate before characters attack, and they will also affect random targets. Unless the card gives you a specific type of target needed, like a certain type of follower, it will only randomly select between any legal target. The action also jumps between players every turn, a coin flip decides on who takes the first action, than the other players takes an action, and then it goes back and forth until all cards are done activating.

There’s a big collection of players that are currently complaining about this randomization system of game play. They feel it’s too random and you can’t be sure that your cards will do what you want them to. But this, even thou annoying at times, creates an interesting balance in the game between beginners and seasoned players.

A beginner will not as often see what card he needs to play to maximize his chances, while a player that knows the game, will see the situations and opportunities to turn the game around. Playing random cards every turn won’t win you the game even if you think it will, it takes strategy even with the random factor in play. Cause you, even if you don’t believe it, can control the outcome by playing the right cards.

At the same time, “professional” players, won’t be able to automatically win unless they carefully think about their game. That spells activate before attacks, and that players take turn activating cards, is something that you need to think about.

For you that really don’t feel like playing other people, there are also dungeon challenges. A dungeon consist of between 10 and 30 floors, every floor is a fight against an AI. Beat the AI on floor 1, and you move on to floor 2 and so on. When you reach the top floor you meet the boss of that dungeon, they have strong effects and more life than your average Character. Beat him and you gain plenty of recourses to craft new cards. If you end up defeating him 10 times, you also get a special character card.

I love sword girls, there is so much more to say and talk about with this game but I felt that the above things were something that new players should be aware of. If you give the game a chance you will notice that it grows on you, and all of a sudden you’re struggling to get that next card that you want for your deck.

An amazing feeling I promise you.

Game here: http://www.swordgirlsonline.com/

Well I hope that was good enough for you all.
Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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