Nurgle’s Story Time – December 12th 2011

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s one of thoese parts where I just talk about me, my hobbies, my interests, about me, Nurgle. That may not be so interesting but sometimes I remember that this is actually a personal blog, a blog that I may filter any thoughts in. A place where I am the master of its content and I decide what’s good enough to post.

Sometimes I end up posting things that I really don’t want on the blog. Certain videos or decks that I feel could have been left out. At the same time I feel a responsibility towards all of you out there that keeps coming back for more things about gaming, card games, the calendar that I’m currently doing and so on.

Every time I get a comment on something on here, even if it’s just somebody I know that wants to hint that they found their way here, I’m glad. Just for that very reason; they found it and it was worth their time to post a comment. Thanks to all of you that keeps coming back! And thanks to the ones of you that comment! I love it!

So I will probably do more of these in the future, but don’t fear more gaming content will be coming out!

Very soon in fact: Tanto Cuore review coming up!

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon!


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