A look at Dark Ascension – Faithless Looting

Hello my Nurglings!

So it’s still some time left until Dark Ascension comes out, and until the spoilers start. But Wizard of the Coast already showed us one of the red cards from this new set. I thought we could take a look at it together.

The card (promo artwork):

First of all yes. Looting is going deeper in to red. I’ve heard mentions that Mark Rosewater actually wrote on his Twitter that Red and Blue are the colors that will have looting from now on. So rejoice red players!

So I’m losing card advantage because of this card eh? Is one of the many things that players out there are thinking right now, and yes, the very moment you play it you’re losing one card from your hand and replacing two. Luckily this format has just the card to keep this useful and strong enough to make it’s flashback and other cards ending up in the graveyard useful.

Oh yes, the Burning Vengeance deck has surley gained a strong ally in this card, and if there are more cards like it in Dark Ascension, I bet you will be seeing a lot more of this card during FNM tournaments, and maybe even during bigger events, we will just have to see. We may just end up seeing decks using this card together with Unburial Rites. We’ll just have to see.

Not a huge report on this card, but hey it’s something!

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon!


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