Magic The Gathering Tattoo (awesome)

Hello my Nurglings!

In a short moment I’m leaving for my local gaming store to play some EDH (or some other game if that fits me well). Just mailed my contact at the “start my own business” course that I was taking. As it seems now, I will not be getting any financial help in the first 6 months, which means, no business at all. May end up doing a small buy cards section on this blog, but that will be later on.

As it is now though I should probably do it, seeing as I have soooo many cards around me that I should try and get rid of. Aaaaanyway.

Right now I just wanted to show you one awesome tattoo. You’re a true ma….woman if you do something like this permanently on your body.

To check out her tumblr go here:

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!

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  1. re: ja men det var ju faktiskt så hemskt. Visst att katter i princip landar på fötterna… men mitt BARN flög ju ut genom fönstret 😦 liksom.

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