Nurgle Standard Brew – Forbidden Empire Deck

Hello my Nurglings!

Guess what, I need to post two more decks until I fill my “post 5 decks” promise. So here is the fourth for all of you to enjoy. Unlike the old list of this deck that used Tezzeret to win games together with the empire artifacts, this is all about counters spells and looking for the pieces of the combo.

Here is the list.

Creature: 3
3x Snapcaster Mage

Artifact: 9
3x Throne of Empires
3x Scepter of Empires
3x Crown of Empires

Other spells: 24
4x Dissipate
4x Mana Leak
4x Forbidden Alchemy
4x Think Twice
4x Ponder
4x Day Of Judgment

Land: 24
2x Buried Ruin
3x Drowned Catacomb
4x Isolated Chapel
4x Seachrome Coast
4x Glacial Fortress
7x Island

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. Man please post the WW deck first 🙂
    This Friday I wanna test the White tokens that you made, but I am really curious about the new one that you thought of


  2. Man kan ju vinna om man betalar 3 mana och får ut kombon istället för att lägga vinsten i GY. Bara ett litet tips

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