New card games ”SUCKS!”

Hello my Nurglings!

You know what I hate, when you go to one of your favorite stores to see that they have stocked up on soooo many things that you want that you cry when you realize you can’t have it all right now. (Breeeaaaath) So, what did I find in the store today… well take a look:

Resident Evil deckbuilding game WITH expansion

Nightfall deckbuilding game WITH expansion

More ZOMBIES!!! ❤ I remember when part 4 was released and they said: This will be the last part. What is it now, over 15 expansions and spinoff games?

Space Hulk: Death Angel restock ❤

So why do new card games suck? The one big reason: I don’t have enough money to spend… *sad face*

Until next time, take care!
Cya soon.

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