Innistrad Pre-Release – Part 2 – Limited V.I.P cards

Hello my Nurglings!

Welcome to part 2 of my Innistrad Pre-Release talk! In the last post I mentioned some awesome cards I opened, and showed you the deck I would be playing throughout the night (the tournament started at midnight). Instead of doing game reports and other things like that, let’s go through the V.I.P cards that I got to see/play and play against through the tournament. In no specific order:

1. Grimgrin, Corpse-Born
OMG this card was annoying, if your opponent had enough creatures to sacrifice this guy became a wrecking ball that will kill you quickly. They key effect on him being that he is a removal every time he gets to hit you. In a format where a lot of creatures cost a good amount of mana this is DA BOMB.

2. Butcher’s Cleaver
This card is, so, freaking, good. I only got one in my pool of cards sadly, but that one card won me several games. In one game, I even went from 1 creature on the field and 5-ish life with my opponent having 3 creatures to a win. I was happy about that game trust me.

3. Manor Gorgoyle
This is another guy that is crazy in the format, he is big, indestructible in defense and a 4/4 flyer when hitting your opponent. This is a bitch to take care of, as long as it stays home, this guy is virtually un-killable. My opponent played two against me, I lost that one game, won the match though luckily since I never saw them on the field after that.

4. Trepanation Blade
When playing the draft simulator, I noticed that this card was picked WAY to late in most drafts. This card in all limited rights could have been a rare in the set (a Timmy rare but a rare). This card killed of so many players and made it hard for them to turn around any situation once they started milling. It also forces your opponent to do blocks they may not want to do. Insane in limited.

5. Brimstone Volley
A creature removal and a game finisher in one card? Do I really need to explain it more than that?

6. Thraben Sentry
The card that just kept getting better and better for every game I saw it in. It started out as a good white common, and ended the night by being mentioned as “that god damn transform card in white”. This is one insane card for a Common spot, it’s okay in it’s 2/2 vigilance form, and as soon as something dies (a lot of things die) it’s one insane 5/4 trample… for 4 mana.

7. And finally … 1/1 flying spirit tokens

This won me a lot of games, several of them, and most cards that generate these creatures are awesome. If you get the chance to draft white in the future, these will be key for you.

Well that was it for part 2! Oh btw, my deck ended up going 5-2 and gave me a third place in the tournament! Awesome!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


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