Magic Standard Deck – Green Dawn (Zombies)

Hello my Nurglings!

Okay okay, first of, I said I would not do THE zombie deck for the blog. That was the deck using the Rooftop Storm and Gravedigger combo. Now, let’s instead talk of another kind of zombie deck. The – Green Dawn (as in: dawn of the dead). It’s all about the zombie horde!

It started with the mentioning of the “new doubling season” card – Parallel Lives. It doubles the amount of tokens you would put on the field. If you would put two tokens on the field, you put out four instead and so on. While discussing cards from Innistrad I soon after mentioned that I would love to play Army of the Damned in Standard. Soon after Johnny said, “So army of the Damned with that card would give you 26 zombies?” It kind of sky rocketed from there, talk about different token cards becoming more and more insane and the amount of Zombies would be HUMONGOUS!

Did I mention that I love old zombie movies? And the idea of making more than my local store would have tokens for makes me smile, a lot!

So here it goes the zombie horde! (I mean the creatures).

Creatures: 16
4x Diregraf Ghoul
4x Walking Corpse
4x Cemetery Reaper
4x Unbreathing Horde

So as you can see the whole idea is just to keep a steady field of creatures in the early game, a lucky enough start may even end up being to much for your opponent to handle. Unbreathing horde is also one card that is awesome once you get your token machine going. It can be huuuuuge and damage is no problem for it to handle.

So what do you need to make one awesome slowly growing Zombie army? You thought the creatures would be the backbone of the horde? Oh no, the enchantments will do that for you.

Spells: 20
4x Endless Ranks Of The Dead
4x Moan of the Unhallowed
4x Parallel Lives
3x Dismember
3x Altar’s Reap
2x Army of the Damned

Endless Ranks of the Dead together with Parallel Lives = awesomeness. Why? Let’s just say there will be a lot of zombies and “quickly”. Just imagine one Endless Ranks and two Parallel Lives, and two zombies on the field. Next turn you get 4 zombies. Yes 4. Ranks want to create one, Lives want to create 2, and the last Lives wants to make it 4. Next turn you get… let’s go through it together.

Endless Ranks of the Undead : I want to give you 3 zombies!
Parallel Lives: I want to make that 6 zombies!
Parallel Lives 2: I want to make that 12 zombies!
Yup… two turns, and 18 zombies on the field (Next turn it’s 48 zombies btw).

I can’t wait to try this deck out, even if just for fun (that’s an awful lot of rares just to have fun I know).

Oh and the lands:

Land: 24
17x Swamp
4x Woodland Cemetery
3x Forest

Until next time, stay alive.
Cya soon!

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