Magic The Gathering – Standard – The infinite zombie loop!

Hello my Nurglings!

I promised you all a zombie deck a few days ago, instead of actually posting a complete deck, I will just post the infinite combo that the deck is supposed to produce. How you build the deck around this idea is up to you. I hope you enjoy the combo and have fun with it!

So to do this combo, you need some kind of mana-ramp, otherwise you will end up with a deck that won’t really do anything until it’s too late. So the cards you need are:

1. Rooftop Storm
2. Gravedigger
3. Gravedigger
4. Any kind of sacrificing engine or something like it. I recommend the new: Grimgrin, Corpse Born (for the zombie factor!)

So the combo works like this, you have Rooftop Storm on the field, a Gravedigger in hand and one in the Graveyard. With this you can cycle the Gravedigger infinite times if you have a way of Sacrificing them.. Grimgrin can become infinitely big with this combination and attack for … well a hell of a lot.

If attacking isn’t your cup of tea, how about doing it while a card like Falkenrath Noble is on the field, you gain 1 life every time, and your opponent loses 1 life every time. You win the game if it happens.

Here is a fun list of cards that can be used with this as well. Enjoy!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


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  1. So, I just need Grimgrin to do this combo. But I’ve put Diregraf Captin in my deck, and Undead Alchemist. So I can have lots of Zombie tokens on the battlefield, and if I sacrifice one of them to put the counters on Grimgrin, my opponent loses 1 life. Also, I want to put Lich Lord of Unx in my deck. I guess it’s going to be awesome! And Dark Ritual has helped me a lot to put Rooftop Storm on the battlefield sooner. And I like to use Levitation, most of my friends have no creatures with flying. And later I’ll put Death Baron in my deck, it’s going to be perfect! *-*

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