Word from Nurgle – Yu Gi Oh – Scythe Tiger did it – Zombie combo in MTG

Hello my Nurglings!

I’ve always enjoyed posting random things so I’ll keep doing that. This is a blog after all so I have the right to mix things up when I feel the need (or I just want to) to do so. I’m currently uploading round 2 of Yu Gi Oh videos from last Thursday. Uploading one video while another is rendering, the next game will be between:
Jack (Dandy Drill) and Lenny (Dragons)
Stay tuned if you want to find out how the game went. I also have some great news for you all!

Scythe Tiger almost did it! I played the FNM yesterday with a random homebuild that had to include Scythe Tiger. Why did it have to have include this little beast? Well some time ago I promised some friends that I would play the Tiger in a deck, and this Friday was the last chance to play him. Next week being draft, and the one after that will be Draft again because of the Innistrad pre-release (always have a draft before our midnight pre-release).

So the deck I ended up playing was Bant something something. I went 3-2 with the deck and I feel fine with that, without having too much of a game plan other than: Tiger shall prevail, it was fun to win a few games. I may just post the list later today if I find the time between all the other things I’m going to talk about.

I’m currently working on a combo deck for the next Standard format, don’t think it will be great, don’t think will win plenty on its actual combo. But I think it will be plenty of fun! The magic keyword: Rooftop. Yea you will see, it will be legen…wait for it…

Until next time, take care (SCYTHE TIGER YEA!).
Cya soon!


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