A message from Nurgle

Hello my Nurglings!

Just a short message from your favorite Nurgle, if there is another Nurgle out there that you like more… I don’t believe you. There are so many things that I would like to talk about and show you and so on. Plenty of new Innistrad cards that I would like to look at together with you. A few deck ideas and I would also love to add more content from other TCG’s.

You know if you ready this and love a TCG that don’t get mentioned all that much on this blog, write something about it, and I can post it here for you. Be it a deck, a card review or just some comments on the game, anything is welcome!

Yesterday I promised to post my Innistrad Vampire deck, and it’s coming, but later today. Right now I’m preparing to leave for a Yu Gi Oh tournament and record some duals, maybe even try to make a new Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild episode. It’s been awhile since I did one of those.

In a few weeks I’m also starting a new course that will enable me to start my own store. I will talk more about that the further I come down in the planning and creation of it. That may be soon. Stay tuned for that. Will be awesome to have a place where you all can get your cards, watch videos and communicate with me and other TCG lovers. I’m so excited!

So, what exactly is coming up?

– More “Let’s talk Innistrad”
– Yu Gi Oh Duel Videos
– New Yu Gi Oh Nerds Gone Wild episode
– A new MTG Vampire deck
– A deeper look at U/W control
– And more!

Until next time, take care.
Cya soon!


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