Gengar Prime Control – Pokémon TCG deck

Hello my Nurglings!

Time for a deck from a game that I don’t talk so much about; I do link some videos from my favorite player within the games at times, but not much else. So what game am I talking about? POKÉMON! Gotta catch em… never mind. This is a deck that I’ve always wanted to try in the Pokémon TCG, a hand disruption deck! Sounds like a no go in this type of game where there are plenty of cards to refill your hand, the whole idea with this deck is to remove those possibilities for your opponent.

All Pokémon in the deck have some kind of disruption power, Gengar Prime that keeps removing Pokémon cards from your opponents hand, Gothitelle that stops your opponent from activating trainers while she is active, and Weavile from Undaunted that lets you look at your opponents hand when he hits the bench, and you may discard any card from their hand.

To help these cards you want to use as many of their abilities at once after using a Judge supporter card. Your opponent will end up with 4 cards and with a Weavile hitting the bench and a Gengar Prime attack right after, they don’t have much to play around with after that (hopefully).

The deck sounds good in theory, but I will have to try it out to really see if it works, maybe I could even get Mr. Jwittz to look at it, yes HE is my favorite Pokémon player (well at least out on the web, in my local area not so much).

Enjoy the deck!

Pokémon: 21
4-4 Weavile
2-1-2 Gothitelle
3-2-3 Gengar Prime

Trainer: 18
4x Pokémon Catcher
4x Rare Candy
4x Energy Search
3x Energy Retrieval
3x Pokémon Communication
2x Lost World

Support: 8
4x Judge
2x Seeker
2x Juniper

Energy: 11

8x Psychic
2x Darkness
1x Double Colorless

Until next time, take care of your hand.
Cya soon!

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