Let’s talk Innistrad – Crackling Counterpart

Hello my Nurglings!

Welcome back to Innistrad. Once again I’m going to sit here and talk about blue, blue seems to get one awesome deal from Innistrad, semi-aggressive cards and controlling cards all in the same set. The card I’m going to show you today, is a card that will fit perfectly in with my future U/W control deck. The different combination of tricks this card can create is amazing. Let’s take a look at the card.

This is one of the cheapest clone cards in the game, and at an instant speed! The drawback being the fact that you can only copy your own creatures, that may matter for a few decks but I really don’t see this as a drawback. If you play it, you have ways to abuse it for sure. In my opinion people seem to undervalue this card right now. There are plenty of tricks with this card that gives plenty of value for its cost. Copying something in response to a removal, keeps that very same creature on the battlefield much a like a blink effect. Not saying it is, but your opponent will still have to waste two removals to deal with both. Unless… copying actually saves the creature completely.

Let’s take a look at a scenario. You’re playing U/W, you’ve reached a part of the game where you have a Sun Titan on the field, you’re mana is up when your opponent finally hits a removal to deal with it. And look what happens.

So in response to Doom Blade, you Copy Sun Titan, Sun Titan triggers and returns Snapcaster Mage from the graveyard. Snapcaster Mage triggers and gives an instant or sorcery spell in your graveyard flashback. You give flashback to Mana Leak and counter the Doom Blade. This is a five mana trick that gives you one extra Sun Titan, one tiny creature, and stops the Doom Blade. Value? I think so.

Until next time, what other sweet tricks can you come up with?
Cya soon!


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