Innistrad Werewolves – They’re looking strong (and a new land card!)

Hello my Nurglings!

Welcome back for more Innistrad and some thoughts around it, also I’m going to show a completely new land card that was revealed… I believe today. Werewolf seems to be a very powerful beat down deck in the next format, may not be as quick as a vampire deck, but what they lack in speed, they make up for in power. Let’s take a look at a few of the cards that seems awesome in constructed.

This guy was the first creature that I thought: hey, red werewolves aren’t looking awful, actually, they are looking awesome. A creature that when it transforms is hitting your opponent for six, isn’t a bad one, it also turns all your werewolves in to Stormblood Berserkers (can only be blocked by two or more creatures). All this for only three mana, sounds awesome doesn’t it, the major problem, it has to be turned over to work properly,tThe one big weakness with werewolves. That may also be the reason that they’ve made them so powerful for a small cost.

Next card!

Wildblood Pack, want to know something fun? Two of these on the field equals 22 damage if they aren’t blocked. Yes. 22 damage. To the face. If not blocked. But remember the card we looked at above this one, all your creatures needs to be blocked by two or more creatures. The fact that it has double strike also means that it will deal 18 damage if not blocked while two of these are on the field. Did I mention the trample? Yes, this guy is looking insane, auto include in any werewolf deck. The problem, they need to transform, and they need to stay that way so that you can kill your opponent. The human forms are not that impressive. But there is one card that can laugh in your opponents face. This one – Moonmist.

So I attack with this and this werewolf in human form, my opponent thinks: meh in human form they don’t do that much. Moonmist. BAM. Damage. Moonmist is the card that creates weird situations for your opponent, when you start attacking with the human forms even though he got several strong blockers on his side that can kill them, he as to think: is Moonmist coming out? It’s not lethal and I dont want to lose my creatures, and if I don’t block will he just keep it? It’s a trick that you need to keep aware of constantly, unless four of them been played already.

I know you’ve all been waiting for the new land card. Without further ado here you go!

Yes. I like. I like it a lot! Even when you’re not in werewolf form your humans can start doing damage with a buff and trample. It’s not optimal but it also means you can do something on your turn without casting a spell. Which is great for the werewolf deck.

Until next time, beware of the mist.
Cya soon!


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