Magic The Gathering got a new rating system – Planeswalker Points

Hello my Nurglings!

(PS: for all of you that want to see your own Planeswalker Points go here:

Time for some more serious news, well I guess it’s serious for all you serious players out there. I find this update awesome! But I doubt everyone is. So what is this change that has happened to the rating system? First of all, forget everything you knew about your old rating, it’s changing and it’s being converted in to the Planeswalker Point system.

So let’s bold out the changes shall we.

Planeswalker Point system in a few simple lines:
– You can’t lose rating (come on pro players come to our FNM!)!

– A win = 3 points / a draw =1 point / a loss = 0 points

– Causal events = 1 point for attending (no points for games/wins)

– Attending an event gives points depending on the size (players) / importance of the tournament

I must say I love this system, it’s simple to follow and even though a lot of players are saying: the more your grind/enter events the higher you get. In a way that’s true, but that’s only a few points, to really get higher you will have to win matches. And winning matches, as we all know, is where the importance lies.

Myself I’m currently at 472 Lifetime points. That puts me at level 25. Yes, with Planeswalker points comes Levels. To reach the final level you need 50.000 points. A few are there, but many have ways to go. Want to see the complete chart for levels? Here you go.

Seems sweet doesn’t it!? What level are you currently at?
Until next time, gain a level.
Cya soon!


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