Let’s talk Innistrad – Liliana of the Veil

Hello my Nurglings!

Yes, she’s been spoiled for us, the beautiful and excellent planeswalker Liliana Vess. I think I’m one of the few that were sad to see the old version of her go, but I got even more excited knowing that she would get herself a new card! And it’s finally here! Well it’s here in the way that we can finally read on it and start planning on how to use her.

Let’s take a quick look on her before we start discussing her greatness.

Now let’s mention the awesome part first. Her cost is 3, what other planeswalker have we seen with that cost that have seen a lot of constructed play? Of course it’s hard to compare the two when they do so very different things (I meant Jace Beleren by the way if you … didn’t know). So already now we have Sun Titan that can keep bringing her back from the grave, or any other card she throws down there with a 3 or less mana cost. Sun Titan is a bit of a late game plan to mix with her but I do believe it’s worth it.

Her +1 ability makes me a bit sad, not because you have to discard a card as well as your opponent, but rather because the card’s you may want to discard has been removed from the format. The first two I can think of are Bloodghast and Vengevine, but I bet there are more that I’ve forgotten about.

Her use in Standard is still uncertain, it all depends on her +1 ability and if it will be put to good use. Playing a planeswalker for three just to have an extra sacrifice creature effect doesn’t seem all that great. In modern however, I think she has a lot more potential, there is a sea of cards that you want to end up in the graveyard to put back to the battlefield or use its effect. Liliana will be played for certain, the question is where. I don’t think she is a bad card in standard, certain matchups will end up having problems with the discard ability. And her ultimate will slow the temp down for those decks even more.

Well start brewing everyone; it’s an era of darkness coming our way.

Until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!


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