Let’s talk Innistrad – Mentor Of The Meek

Hello my Nurglings!

It’s time for “let’ talk Innistrad”! I will be posting a few of these in the coming weeks, and I will be talking about new cards and how they can be used, and not used. If I get the chance I may even write something about the flavor of the set, which I love. StarCityGames were recently given their Innistrad preview card, a card named Mentor of the Meek, want to see it? Well here you go.

So what are people saying about this card right now? Mostly “O M G White weenie was just given a draw engine.” Something that’s very important to remember though is the fact that with this card in your deck, Honor Of The Pure is out of the question, once it hits the field, every creature in your deck will be entering the field with more than two power. Is this a trade of worth it, maybe. For certain builds I can this being used, but those decks should be more aggressive with their drops, and putting a three drop in the deck that in a way makes you pay 1 every time you play a creature (you will want to do that), may just slow the speed aspect down to much.

To use this in a more powerful way with the WW decks, I’d think Khemba should be looked at, every turn that she creates a 2/2 token, you got yourself a creature and a draw for 1 mana (in a sense).

A much better deck to use Mentor in WOULD be the Puresteel deck, with a lot of power 2 drops like Puresteel, Mentor, Trinket and eight living equipments in the deck. The big problem for the Puresteel deck in the next format, is the loss of Basilisk Collar. You still have swords and such of course, but the Basilisk and Mortarpod combination was a strong way to keep the Battlefield to your favor. Without that in the deck, you’re losing a big part of the control aspect. Maybe it’s not as important as I think it is, but last time I played the deck, it was all about that deathtouch, and there isn’t anything to replace it with… yet.

On paper Mentor looks awesome, but I’m not sure a white deck including it will be up with the tempo of the new zombie and vampire decks. And a three drop in a WW deck get’s you screwed if a removal hits him the same round. I love WW decks, but I’m not sure this will be included in my deck. I rather stick to Honor Of The Pure for that extra push power.

Until next time, stay safe.
Cya soon!


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