U/B Empire Control – Magic Standard Deck

Hello my Nurglings!

As I promised you recently I was to post a deck based on the beautiful artifacts done by John Avon, Scepter of Empires, Crown of Empires and Thrown of Empires. Together these cards create a situation that’s hard to beat before the sideboard for almost any deck in the format.

The base of the deck is something we’ve all seen before, it a U/B control deck. Of course the way we win is a bit different, most U/B decks win with their late game heavy hitters like Grave Titan and Conundrum Sphinx. This deck wins because of its empire combo. It’s a lot more fun to win that way, trust me! Even if it’s not as consistent as a normal U/B deck, there is a combo in the deck that you need to get out after all, it works.

So what kind of cards will we use to find that combo quicker? Well there are actually several cards that helps out and even make the combo stronger like Tezzeret, Agent Of Bolas, after a few +1, his last ability can really do the finishing touch when your combo is out on the field.

So, Preordain, Jaze, Tezzeret and one single Neurok Commando to go deeper in to the deck. You also use Liliana to fetch the cards you need to the top of the deck, awesome to finish of your combo if a piece is missing.

Here is the list!

Creature: 1
1x Neurok Commando

Spell: 26
4x Inquisition Of Kozilek
4x Preordain
4x Mana Leak
3x Tezzeret Agent Of Bolas
2x Doom Blade
2x Go for the Throat
2x Jace Beleren
1x Liliana Vess
1x Into The Roil
1x Despise
1x Black Sun’s Zenith
1x Dismember

Artifact: 9
3x Thrown Of Empires
3x Crown Of Empires
3x Scepter Of Empires

Land: 24
4x Island
4x Swamp
4x Creeping Tar Pit
4x Darkslick Shores
4x Drowned Catacomb
4x Tectonic Edge

Until next time, hale to the empire.
Cya soon.


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