News from Innistrad – Mark Rosewater giving some information

Hello my Nurglings!

And welcome to this little preview of what Innistrad is to hold! Well, almost anyway. Mark Rosewater just posted some interesting information about Innistrad, and I must say it all sounds very interesting! Here they come with a comment to follow. (All statements in bold).

A card based on a silver-bordered white card
Okay so let us start on the first note, a card based on a silver-borded white card. That means, a card from unhinged or unglued, and I’m going through them right now to see if I can find a card with an interesting mechanic that feels like it could be placed in Innistrad. Must say, that was harder than I thought haha, it really depends on how they change the mechanic and it’s usage. Oh well, here are two cards that could be interesting to see a rework of.

A token-making sorcery which makes more creature tokens than any previous token-making spell (not counting X spells or spells that make a variable number)

How many creatures are we talking about exactly? Hmm I bet someone will be counting the cards that makes tokens in different formats, the first to come to mind is Conquerer’s Pledge from Zendikar and it creates twelve counters. So maybe 13 is a number here? Let me get back to you on that number soon.

An enchantment that could let you play all your creatures for free A spell that
Oh my lord, am I seeing an Aluren like card coming back to the game? It’s not Aluren itself cause it’s on the reserved list (never being printed again), but seeing a new version of this would be awesome!

A spell that can deal 13 damage to multiple creatures for one mana (and yes, I mean 13 damage multiple times)
And here we are again with the number 13 even if the first one was just speculation, seeing as 13 is a fitting number for the horror theme, I bet there is a cycle of cards with the focus on 13. It will also be interesting to see the drawback of this card, or how you get to target multiple creatures. Is there a storm effect coming back, like the Gravestorm effect first shown in Future Sight? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Take a look:

(If you have problem seeing it: Gravestorm (When you cast this spell, copy it for each permanent put into a graveyard this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.))

Many—and I’m talking more than a few—cards inspired by famous horror stories
And here we go:

A card that turns a loss into a win
A two-mana creature that lets you make a 2/2 creature each turn for two mana
A card that lets you exchange your life total with something you’ve never been able to exchange it with before
This is interesting. What exactly will be able to trade life with? What is this card exactly, may it be a Planeswalkers ability that lets us do this, and with what are you trading exactly. There are a few guesses on the web, none of them really making sense so far. Will be fun to see what this means.
And the last and for me most important point if this is for Liliana.

A planeswalker with five loyalty abilities

That’s right baby. That’s right.

Until next time, read up on the horror.
Cya soon!


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