Playing Modern Magic under 75$! #MTG

Hello my nurglings!

Time for another post about Modern, I just can’t get this format out of my head. I really want to experiment and try different ideas out, but just like any format, you have to put some money in to your idea. Maybe you’re like me and don’t have that much money to use on card games, especially to put in different formats and so on. So, I’m going to give you a little tip, here are two cheap(ish) Modern decks that you can try out!

First of all, most decks that end up being cheaper, is usually mono colored decks, this means that you can save your money on not needing all those dual-lands. So what type of decks can we build? Lists and prices below!

Creature: 24
4x Coralhelm Commander (12$)
4x Cursecatcher (14$)
4x Lord of Atlantis (24$)
4x Merfolk Sovereign (4$)
4x Silvergill Adept (6$)
4x Stonybrook Banneret (1$)

Spell: 12
4x Deprive (1$)
4x Mana Leak (1$)
4x Unified Will or Into The Roil (1$)

Land: 24
4x Tectonic Edge (10$)
20x Island (You should have these)

PRICE = 72$

Pimp it up with cards like:

Aether Vial (15$ each)
Cryptic Command (18$ each)

Creature: 36
4x Sylvan Ranger (1$)
4x Elvish Visionary (1$)
4x Llanowar Elves (1$)
4x Arbor Elf (1$)
4x Wolf-Skull Shaman (1$)
4x Elvish Archdruid (14$)
4x Elvish Champion (16$)
4x Imperious Perfect (16$)
4x Ezuri, Renegade Leader (6$)

Spell: 4
4x Lead The Stampede (1$)

Land: 20
4x Tectonic Edge (10$)
16x Forest (You should have these)

PRICE = 68$

Pimp it up with cards like:
Green Sun’s Zenith (5$ each)
Progenitus (with zenith) (15$)

Until next time, stay safe!
Cya soon!


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  1. haha åh nej, läste Elvis istället för Elves 😦 Min tanke: Heter alven Elvis? Oo

    Och ja då kan ju du dela med dig av dina läsare då mums 😉 hihi.

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