Innistrad speculations true… somewhere!

Hey my Nurglings!

So most of you magic fans out there probably know who Mark Rosewater is right? If you don’t, look it up and come back. Anyway he keeps posting fun and sometimes informative pictures on his twitter. One he recently posted (well two days ago) is kind of interesting. Let’s take a look.

Okay so I’ve been looking around like crazy to see what kind of mechanics have been mentioned, talked about or discussed as an idea for Innistrad It was kind of hard to find anything specific enough to feel like: That may just be what they’re doing! Things like Humans are mostly witches, werewolves get a morph mechanic and so on.

The witch idea I like, even if the general feel, art and play style feel very witchery, it doesn’t mean that they would get the creature type: witch. Take a look at her for example:

Feels a bit like a witch doesn’t it?
If anyone out there have an idea of what’s been discussed but mostly laughed at as silly. Please link me that way so I can gather all the different ideas people have had so far.

Until next time, take care.
Cya Soon!


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