Who is Ral Zarek? Magic Planeswalker.

Ral Zarek, let us talk about this Planeswalker for a bit. Don’t you know who is? Well neither do I or anyone else out there that’s not directly connected with Wizards in some way. So where did the Magic community find him? He is hidden in the files of Duals Of the Planeswalker 2012. He will be in the upcoming expansion for that game, when that expansion will be released has not yet been revealed but probably around the same time that Innistrad will be hitting the shelves.

And how can we know what colors Ral Zarek has? Well that’s because of his deck found in Duels Of The Planeswalker 2012. You want to see it? Of course you do. I’m skipping the mana base here.

2x Wee Dragonauts
2x Skirsdrag Cultis (Innistrad)
2x Arc Runner
2x Æther Tradewinds
2x Lightning Elemental
2x Murder Of Crows (Innistrad)
2x Air Servant
2x Gelectrode
1x Wind Drake
1x Skizzik
1x Lightning Serpent
1x Spellbound Dragon
1x Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
1x Thundermare
1x Mahamoti Djinn

3x Into The Roil
3x Shock
2x Lightning Bolt
1x Prophetic Bolt
1x Electropotense

(to check out those Innistrad cards go here: https://nurgleprobe.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/six-innistrad-cards-magic-the-gathering/ )

His Origin

There’s been many discussions about Ral Zarek and where he comes from, there are currently plenty of rumors that we will return to Ravnica after the Innistrad block, and seeing the gothic-like background on his picture, a lot of people seem to believe that it is in fact Ravnica. It may be, but it could also be Innistrads gothic buildings. Like the few we’ve already seen in some of the spoiled artworks of Liliana and Sorin.

Though the next part of evidence is more convincing, Ral Zareks clothes looks a lot like the same design that we can find on Izzet clothes. Some even believe he is Niv-Misset in his human form. Who knows.

So before I leave you I’m going to show you one awesome (but fake) Ral Zarek card, since we already know that the second planeswalker in Innistrad has been printed before, I doubt they would lie and put in Ral Zarek.

Until next time, take care!

Cya Soon!

To discuss this: http://nurgleprobe.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=nurgleblog


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  1. LOL, When I typed “Ral Zarek” in the google search bar, I suddenly saw this and got all hyped up. xD But then I read what you wrote then read its fake, I really got disappointed. 😐

    I just hope Ral will really get a place in Innistrad. xD

    • Yea I’ve had a few people come here and think it’s real.
      If Ral isn’t released in Innistrad we can always hope for the next block. Even if that’s miles away.

  2. lol, anyone could tell that’s a fake cuz replicate needs some kind of cost, not just “replicate” -.-

    • It doesn’t actually “need” a cost tho. You just need to make sure you have a creature token. Much like Metalcraft need to make sure you have 3 artifacts.


      • Greg Johnston

        But Replicate has nothing to do with creature tokens – are you maybe thinking of a different keyword?

      • Oh! Sorry I was thinking about the new mechanic: Populate. Thought that you answered a newer post haha sorry for the confusion!


  3. Replicate doesnt need a cost because replicate copies the spell you are replicating and the cost of that card is the replicate cost

  4. so if you have some random card like oh say, Lightning Helix and it cost RW if it has replicate then you tap RW and as long as you have mana you can keep replicating it.

  5. Hey, think that he is coming out in the third block of RTR, Dragon’s Maze. The art for the block shows him looking over the city!

  6. Wow. You weren’t even close.

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