Tier Nurgle – Tezzerator (Magic Standard)

Time for me to post a new and fun Magic The Gathering deck for standard! A standard deck that can be played even after the rotation that’s coming up. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of a few artifact creature from the Scard Of Mirrodin block, I even played early variants of the Tempered Steel Deck, cause I just loved the idea of small fast and hard hitting artifacts.

Lately they have added a lot of control like artifacts to the game and I feel the need to build a deck with them. So the creatures I’m talking about:

Creature: 16
4x Solemn Simulacrum
4x Pierce Strider
4x Phyrexian Metamorph
4x Etched Champion

Yeaaaa! Four different artifact creatures that all have great effects, well I guess you don’t have to love Pierce Strider, but three extra damage on the play is nothing to complain about. So what are the creatures there for? Solemn is there for the speed he adds. I’m sure that at times he will be allowed to hit for 2 without anything blocking him, why would you not take two damage instead of helping your opponent? Well I guess if you’re on two life that’s not a good idea.

Etched champion, why not? Really? I’ve heard that protection from all colors is nothing to laugh at, even though it doesn’t matter against a few Tempered Steel deck creatures it’s still a good ability to have. Together with an equipment or two, this little guy can be really nasty.

Metamorph. He can copy almost everything in the deck, and your opponent’s best creatures and artifacts. Good card? No. Great card? Yes. And while we are talking about artifacts, let’s take a look at the artifacts!

Artifact: 10
4x Ichor Wellspring
3x Mycosynth Wellspring
3x Piston Sledge

WHAT THE HELL!? That’s the look on your face right now. What the hell. And let me tell you why. The wellsprings are there to give food to Piston Sledge or rather, the Piston Sledge is there so that I can use the wellsprings properly. Over that I also play 4 Phyrexia’s Core that lets me sacrifice artifacts whenever I need to do so. So it’s the engine of the deck, it lets me search for lands and draw extra cards.

And what kind of spells are protecting these babies?

Spell: 11
4x Mana Leak
1x Negate
2x Dismember
4x Tezzeret, Agent Of Bolas

A small little mix here of everything that I love with the colors of black and blue, counter spells and enough of them to handle annoying things that come in your way, dismember for rude creatures. And at the end of the list we have Tezzeret, the man with the plan to get me cards of the top and buff my artifacts. Even the Wellsprings will look nasty when they all of a sudden get a 5/5 body to attack with. You have so many artifact targets in the deck that the +1 ability will “always” be +1 card.

Talking about lands, did you know there are quite a few good lands to use with Artifact heavy decks? Let’s look at that.

Land: 23
4x Buried Ruin
4x Phyrexia’s Core
8x Island
5x Swamp

Buried Ruin gives you back any artifact that’s been lost, and reusing awesome cards like Phyrexian Metamorph or even a Pierce Strider at the right time is awesome. The Core you already know about, it can help you with the Wellsprings and even sacrifice a Solemn Simulacrum if you need to get deeper in to the deck for some reason.

Well that’s the deck! Enjoy!

Deck can be discussed here: http://nurgleprobe.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=mtg


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