Thoughts. Webshop. Nurgle.

Should I open up a webshop? Something simple with plenty and plenty of products so that I at least can live and knowing that I’m doing something that I want to do?

Sadly the store wouldn’t be called Nurgle’s Place because of Games Workshops copyright on that name “Nurgle”. Maybe I could contact them about it and see what they say. Probably a big fat no or no answer at all. I know where to find the distributors, I know how to handle a web shop, I have contacts that can design an awesome website, I live on the edge when it comes to how much money I have every month as it is, and I would get financial help the first three months.

Maybe I should try it, maybe I should. The ones of you that know me out there in the real life are probably asking: Weren’t you going to open a store in Gothenburg. I was, but I backed out from it. Why? There are already 4-5 stores/hobby shops that sell the products we were going to sell. There is still only one here though that has their store open to gamers to use their gaming tables and so on. But it felt full, and the money aspect of opening up a physical store was just scary.

So new plan, new idea, and this time a simple one that won’t cost me a fortune, what do you think? Webshop? Yes? No?

What else is happening today. A new 777 deck will be posted later today, actually a lot later because I’m going out to hang with some friends, post some cards and doing some videos for this blog. I also need to put up the next weeks auctions this evening to get some more cards sold. You know what, if I do open up a webshop my auctions could be like a commercial thing for that, putting up some info with the auctions and a link.

Oh well, until next time, take care and remember to smile!
Cya Soon!


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  1. Tycker allt du ska prova och se hur det går lövs ^_^

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