Magic 2012 Event Deck – Illusory Might and Vampire Carnage

( To see the decklists go here: )

Hello everyone!

Just found out about the next two Event Decks that will be released and I must say, for once I’m interested. I love the vampire from Magic, and I’m also interested in the illusion theme of M12 and how that will play. You never know, it may end up being competitive. But what kind of rare cards can we look forward to in these two decks? They are mono decks and they are heavily themed it seems.

In the illusion deck we are probably getting the illusion lord; Lord Of The Unreal. Maybe two copies of this little man? What I really really reaaaaaally want to see is the illusion clone Phantasmal Image.

In the vampire deck there are probably a sangromancer or two and plenty of common and uncommon vampires. Don’t know what type of rare they will throw in to make this deck more interesting… Sorin’s Vengeance? Monomania?

Bet we will find out in a near future.

Cya Soon!


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