7 Decks, 7 Games, 7 Days – Zombie Menace (Legend Of The Five Rings)

Welcome back to 777 and the second deck of the day! This time it will be a deck for the not as popular card game, legend of the five rings. I always wanted to get deeper into this game, but there isn’t a huge player base where I live that I’m aware of and I will probably end up not making a deck, sadly! Or maybe I will make just this deck because of its theme.


The whole idea behind the deck is to create early agro and alooooot of zombies.

Dynasty Deck 40

Celestials: 1
1x Fu Leng’s Guidance

Event: 2
1x The Stone Discovered
1x The War Of Dark Fire

Holding: 15
1x Traveling Pendler
1x Expendable Resources
1x Large Farm
1x Oyo Seido
2x Akodo’s Grave
3x Shinomen Marsh
3x Barley Farm
3x Border Village

Personality: 22
1x Chuda Mishime
1x Chuda Seikai
1x Datsue-ba
2x Daigotsu Zenshi
2x Udo
3x Chuda Otsu
3x Chuda Shuzo
3x Daigotsu Isoroku
3x Daigotsu Taizo
3x Master Saleh


Fate Deck 40

Follower: 1
1x Legion Of Death

Spell: 7
3x Allure of Jigoku
3x Summon Maseru no Oni
2x Rise Corrupted

Strategy: 31
3x Questionalbe Charity
3x Call Forth The Dead
3x Unclean Sacrifice
3x The Dead Do Not Rest
3x Power Corrupting
3x Essence Of Evil
3x Rout
3x Flanked By Nightmares
3x Final Duty
2x Ambush
1x Proper Deference
1x Inexorable Defeat

Sorry for the shortness!

Cya soon!

To discuss this: http://nurgleprobe.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=nurgleblog


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