7 Decks, 7 Games, 7 Days – White Weenie (Magic The Gathering Standard)

Welcome back to 777, this week I will be posting one deck from a new card game every day! This is the second deck getting a spot here on the blog.
This time it took me a lot of time to find a deck to write about, I worked on some ideas, but really didn’t find a deck that I would like to show. So I looked back at the decks that I’m currently working on for standard and I will show you one of those. This time, it’s White Weenie!

Let’s start with the creatures.

Creature: 18
4x Grand Abolisher
4x Kor Firewalker
4x Puresteel Paladin
4x Kor Skyfisher
2x Kemba, Kha Regent

You’re probably looking at that Kor Firewalker and thinking: Why is he in the main deck? Well it’s mostly because of my local metagame. There are so many red decks and red cards and burns and things flying in to my tiny creatures every round. So having a Firewalker in the main feels like a must.

Puresteel and Skyfisher are there to put me up with a draw engine and a flyer that will help me against those annoying Inkmouth Nexus’. Not played as much here anymore, but I still want to be able to block them if needed.

Grand Abolisher is just an amazing card, no combat tricks on my round, and that means that I can attack an open field without a worry. Kemba is there to abuse the eight equipments in the deck. Kemba together with Swiftfoot Boots feels like a match made in heaven.

There aren’t that many “other spells” so let’s just show them all at the same time.

Enchantment: 8
4x Oblivion Ring
4x Honor Of The Pure

Artifact: 8
4x Swiftfoot Boots
4x Flayer Husk

Instant: 4
4x Brave The Elements

Enchantments: obvious. Honor Of The Pure for power, Oblivion Ring to deal with the most annoying things on the field.
Equipment: I’ve heard that haste and hexproof is awesome. Did I mention all of those red decks in my area? Try and do a Lightning Bolt in my creatures now bastards! Flayer husk is a card that I’m not to sure about, I’m using it because it can be a 1/1 hitter early. I still wouldn’t mind using cards like Sylvok Lifestaff or Basilisk Collar. I will have to do more testing to make sure what works the best.

Brave The Elements. This card is such a hero in most games. I can’t even count the times this card has won me games, either by doing an all out attack with my opponent unable to block, or by protecting my creatures from removal. With this, Swiftfoot Boots, Grand Abolisher and Kor Firewalker I’m really hoping to kick the ass out of the format in my area.

The Lands:

Land: 22
20x Plains
2x Buried Ruin

I don’t want to be all to fancy when it comes to the lands, you could add fetches to get your lands out of the deck faster, use something else than Buried Ruin (a card that I love). You could use the protection land Sejiri Steppe, the graveyard control land Emeria, The Sky Ruin, or the land removal Tectonic Edge. I really didn’t have to much to say about this deck, it’s nothing to special, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Until next time, be sure to stop that Abolisher from hitting the field!

Cya Soon!

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