7 Decks, 7 Games, 7 Days – Arcanist Menace (The Spoils)

Welcome to the first day of seven! The following week I will be visiting seven different card games, and show you seven different decks (one from each), decks constructed just for you guys. Some decks may be more competitive than others, and some may be just for the fun of it. Whatever reason the decks are put out, there will be seven decks in the following week and the last one will be posted on Friday.
The very first deck I’m posting is from the lovely game The Spoils, the game I promised to talk more about in the future, and here we are in the future! The deck will be focusing on my favorite faction from the game, The Arcanists. This hellish, occult, horror and Cuthulu inspired faction have plenty of fun toys to play with, let’s take a look at the deck piece by piece.

I’m going to start with the tactics, these cards are the fuel and control elements of the deck. They will protect you and look for the components you need to win in a given situation.

Tactic: 26
4x Obsessive Compulsion
4x Brainbath
4x Karmic Cake
4x Desolate
4x Encumber
4x Muddle
2x Inhibit

In the three first spots we have the cards that will dig deeper in to the deck and the needed cards for any situation. If you’re a Magic The Gathering player Obsessive Compulsion and Brainbath are both cards that you will recognize, well at least the general style of the cards, they’re very blue-ish. Together with these two cards we’re also using Karmic Cake, yes this deck is not completely mono Arcanist, but only a few Banker cards will actually be used in the deck. Karmic cake is one of those great cards for searching out your double resources, and you want to find them fast in this deck. Between Karmic cake, Obsessive Compulsion and Brainbath you should be able to.

The rest of the tactics are all there to handle different kinds of threats. Desolate for aggressive decks with plenty of Characters (go go Party Clowns!). Encumber is the only real spot removal in the deck, being able to take care of both Characters and Locations, be careful to not use this card to early! Be sure to target the right threat. Muddle and Inhibit are the only two cards used to handle certain cards and matchups, you will eventually learn when to use them (so will I). Inhibit for example is great to stop cards with effects that will destroy your items or characters.

Let’s move on to the characters!

Character: 22
4x Wrinkly Rabbit
4x Hideous Hexapede of Horror
4x Defiler of Innocence
4x Wanton Wizard
2x Woadenworm Gloamspike, Thabbashite Prince
1x Swarm of Gnats
1x Servile Centipede
1x Spastic Tentacles
1x Violating Anomaly

Let’s discuss the two win conditions here at the Characters: Wrinkly Rabbit and Hideous Hexapede Of Horror. These are huge when it comes to doing damage, Rabbit can easily be a 6-6-3 or 7-7-3 and a huge creature like that with convert is nothing to laugh at, well I guess you could laugh at the artwork, it’s awesome. Hideous Hexapede Of Horror is a huge Character with a 6-6-6 stat, one of the fastest Characters in the game and for a great cost, use Defiler Of Innocence to grant him Covert when you want to hit for plenty of damage. He also comes with a great finisher effect, if you’re in the lead, blow some cards up, hit the opponent for plenty of damage to finish him off, and enjoy the massive destruction! Remember the cost though, picking 6 characters, this means that you won’t be able to activate the effect until there are 6 characters in play.

Defiler of Innocence is a card that I love, against certain matchups it’s nothing but a Covert maker, but even that can be well enough at times, making your opponent unable to block. When he’s allowed to use his tap ability, he just becomes awesome. Even when you don’t hit a card in your opponents hand you’re still able to SEE HIS HAND, and read the situation and try to create a strong position for yourself.

Wanton Wizard is there to make use of Thabbashite Prince, together they let you reuse your tactics, even if the most exciting ones for that are Desolate and Muddle, that’s not a bad thing. Wanton Wizard, Swarm Of Gnats, Servile Centipede, Spastic Tentacles and Violating Anomaly are all toys for your deck that will be used with the next few cards I will show you. Remember that we have Bankers in the deck…

Item: 4
4x Inadequate Wand

Location: 4
4x Gilded Yurt

Bounce the bounce! That’s right, together with these four cards the last mentioned characters get to use the leave and enters play effects over and over again, doing a few nasty tricks on your opponent. Discarding two cards every turn (or more for that matter), look at his hand discarding the most important card, search your deck for tactics, bounce cards, and put tactics from your graveyard as facedown resources. These effects are all to annoy the hell out of your opponent, some of them may not look all that dangerous at first, but they will add up quickly.

Quick check on the resources, and yes as you can see, Karmic Cake is important!

Resources: 19
4x Neurosis
4x Exploitation
1x Greed (1 start)
10x Obsession (1 start)

Enjoy the deck everyone and until tomorrow have a great time and don’t let those rabbits blow up to much!

Cya soon!

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