To My Love – The Mono Red Deck (Standard MTG)

To the love of my life, I have a few things to say.

First of all I’m so terribly sorry that I could not be there for your birthday, but it did sound like it was a good one. Knowing that you had a good day sure put a smile on my face, and I hope I can give you your present soon. Until then this very post will be written for you, it’s nothing amazing but at least you know I’m thinking about you.
I love you and happy birthday!

Hello everyone, to check out my girlfriends’ blog and give her a little happy birthday, go on here:

It’s time for a gift for my girl and what better gift then a Magic The Gathering deck! Yes that’s right, what kind of deck is hot with passion, love and destruction!? What will explain the feelings that burn within me? How will the next two months handle this deck? Yea that’s right; this is a deck to play before the rotation happens.

Oh yes… It’s time for!

I know the name is silly, but come on it’s for my girlfriend and I’m silly so everything is alright so far, right? The whole idea is to create an awesome burn deck, yea that’s right, the deck that will wreck standard until the rotation. It will smack the enemy in the face with a palm of fire! And for my lady at home, this deck is for her, and I will do my best to gather the cards for it! So where should we start in this magnificent deck of greatness.

As you see I’m positive today, so let us start with the creatures. The lovers of the deck that will be aggressive and hitting the enemy in the face every combat as long as my opponent won’t kill it off.
I’m seeing some aggressiveness in… Goblin Guide, a hasted 2/2 is never fun to be attacked by first round. I also see Grim Lavamancer in my future, to burn down my enemies. Hmm what else will we have? Let’s see…

Creatures: 16
4x Goblin Guide
4x Grim Lavamancer
4x Bloodcrazed Goblin
4x Goblin Fireslinger

Right now you guys are looking at me like: what? What just happened? What is Firesling doing in there? Isn’t that shit common from M12? And Bloodcrazed Goblin, what card is that? Well I’m here to enlighten you about the second best 2/2 in the format after goblin guide. This is the Goblin with the plan to kick in for 2 every turn just to be thrown in to the face of your opponent with another amazing card ( I will come to that one).

Bloodcrazed Goblin seems to be a very odd pick, and I must say I agree with you for the most part, in any other deck I would rather run a card like Chandra Phoenix or Furnace Scamp. But those cards are missing out on early agro and extensive damage. You’re looking at me like you don’t know what I’m talking about, well let’s just say the deck need their goblins to work. So what about Fireslinger? He is in there to let Bloodcrazed attack every turn when you don’t want to waste your burn spells. Plus, if the Fireslinger and Grim Lavamancer are allowed to stay on the field for too long, the damage ads up quickly.

Let’s continue over to the instants of the deck, and see what your opponent will be dreaded to see, every single round of a game.

Instant: 18
4x Lightning Bolt
4x Incinerate
4x Burst Lightning
4x Searing Blaze
2x Galvanic Blast

One mana, two mana, one mana, one mana… man, those are some cheap spells and plenty of them Mr.Nurgle. Well yes, yes there are plenty of them. This is the machinegun of the deck that will act next to the aggressive creatures fighting on the battlefield. You will be able to draw in to more than enough of these spells to keep your opponent at his toes for the whole game. There are no real surprises in the instant setup. So let’s quickly move on to the sorceries, where we will find two important key elements to this deck.

Sorcery: 8
4x Tezzeret’s Gambit
4x Goblin Grenade

That’s right everyone, a goblin can hit for two… four… and suddenly he throws himself at you for 5 damage. Nine damage in just two rounds isn’t a bad start for this deck if you ask me. Together with cheap hitting goblin this works as a “finisher” of sorts. Gambit is there to dig deeper in to the deck for burn, and I’m not sure if it fits yet. You may just want to be able to do two more damage for that card slot, but for now, it will do.

Well that’s the deck, I hope you enjoyed seeing how much burn there will be in the next two months, and enjoy playing it just like I will. Until next time, watch out for those grenades!

Cya soon!


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  1. Du är nog en av de knasigaste jag vet, och jag älskar dig mer än allt! ❤
    Min underbara knasis ^_^. Tack älskling ❤

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