So… many… cards… for sale!

Once again it’s 1am and I’m feeling the urge to write something to you my readers! I’ve been trying to contact a few people now about coming here as guest writers or companions to this blog. I hope to get the answers from them soon! ^^ It will be awesome when the Nurgle’s Place crew grows. What I really wanted to tell you about today will be in my next post though, so you will have to wait for that (or read above this one if it’s posted when you read this).

Today I’ve been spending hours and hours to take pictures of cards, editing them to get them to a reasonable web size and then been setting up actions on I’m currently selling huuuge parts of my collection. Only 40-50 or so cards are up right now but there are hundreds of more cards to come (yes I’ve been taking photos of hundreds of cards today…). So this is a shameless advertisement to the fact that I’m selling a lot of cards right now.

There will be Magic The Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon, World Of warcraft, Legend Of The Five Rings and Vampire cards up on shortly. If you want to support this blog and me, be sure to check in for some cards! ^^

Right here:

Cya soon!


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