Ancestral Recall reprinted in Magic 2012 / M12

No not really reprinted, more like, reworked and released again to be awesome in standard. When I first read the card, my jaw dropped, then I read it again and I face palmed. Will this card be as broken as it sounds? Then I took the chance and read it again and realized, oh thank god I read it wrong.

The card needs 20 cards in a graveyard to work in it’s awesome way. Is this another card to show us that Inistrad will be a lot of grave related cards? Will Dredge and Threshold make a comeback in the new block? Is this a way for the blue deck to counter those decks in the future? We will have to see. This may also be a sign that blue is getting a mill heavy theme… together with it’s illusions.

Interesting indeed.

Here’s the card:

Visions Of Beyond
Draw a card. If a Graveyard has 20 or more cards in it, draw three cards instead.


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