DOTA 2 and what is known (Big news tomorrow?)

First of, let’s just say: nothing. Nothing is really known about DotA 2 at this point, the official website only gives us a few artworks and a small Q&A. Where we really want to look is around the net, discussions, rumors and information that was found out by sneaky DotA fans. There is a small hope of something being revealed tomorrow though, keep reading to find out!
Let us start shall we; well first of we have the artworks from the official site of course. After that we have a few points that come out in the Q&A:

– You will be able to reconnect to games, and join games that are missing players (from rage quitting and so on I’m guessing).
– People in different regions will have an easier time playing with each other.
– “Older” computer and LAN cafes will have an easy time using this game hardware-wise.
– There will be an AI that can take over for players that leaves.
– There will be bots, and with that the capability to practice.
– There will be a replay video feature.
– You will be able to be a spectator on games that are ongoing. There will be a delay on the game to avoid cheating.
– Several shoutcast features within the game.


There are also some interesting comments from Gabe Newell (President of Valve) on how he wants the paying structure for games to look. Don’t see this as the paying structure of DotA 2, it’s just an interesting read to see IF they will use it. Let’s just say it pays off to be a nice player that helps out within the community, and being rude, angry and mean to other players won’t help your situation.

“An example is – and this is something as an industry we should be doing better – is charging customers based on how much fun they are to play with. Some people, when they join a server, a ton of people will run with them. Other people, when they join a server, will cause others to leave. We should have a way of capturing that. We should have a way of rewarding the people who are good for our community.

So, in practice, a really likable person in our community should get Dota 2 for free, because of past behaviour in Team Fortress 2. Now, a real jerk that annoys everyone, they can still play, but a game is full price and they have to pay an extra hundred dollars if they want voice.”


Something that’s out there and circulating right now, is this very interesting site: Right now there is actually a release date on their Facebook page stating the following release date: 21.06.2011, which is tomorrow depending on when you read this. There are a few rumors around about the site, guessing on what this site may include once it opens up with more information. TobiWanKenobi was one of the first people to mention this site, and with that I’m guessing this may be DotA 2s version of honcast. Though this feels like it will include a lot more then replays of games and so on.

There are currently test servers and a private beta testing for DotA 2, when an official beta if any will be out for this game is uncertain, but be sure to take a look at the progress of GamesCom 2011 that takes place between august 17th and 21st. Valve is attending and hopefully there should be some news on DotA 2 at that point. Which should be fitting as it’s announced that the game should be released within this year. If you want to stay updated with the latest developments of DotA 2 take a look at where they will give you the latest news on where the game is going.

If any information will be revealed tomorrow, be sure not to miss out!


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  1. Time for an update guys 🙂 DOTA 2 hit the 300,000 fan base mark and continues to grow. LoL and HoN should be VERY worried. The game not only looks better than either of those, but is bloody fun to play.

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