Resident Evil 1 – Still makes me twitch

You know what I realized today, that Resident Evil 1 is still awesome. I’ve just been on an eight hour bus ride, and of course I had to bring with me my trusted DS-Light (yea laugh all you want) and with that Resident Evil Deadly Silence. RE DS is a conversion of the old classic PlayStation game, and even back then the part with the dogs was terrifying. It’s been many years since I played this game properly, and today I realized, it still scares the shit out of me…

I twisted my body about 2 or 3 times for not remembering where the zombie were in the game, and I loved it! Really brings back the memories from many years ago when the Resident Evil game series started. And by the way, I was on an eight hour bus ride to visit my girlfriend, so the blogging may be a bit slower or at least be less in-depth. Will be hard to find the time, but stay tuned!


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