Chandra & Garruk reworked in M12?

(To read up on the acctual changes go here:

If you came here believing you would read about how Garruk and Chandra changed… I’m terribly sorry. But if you want to see why I came to the conclusion of a planeswalker change, well here you go.

I recently found this picture online: (Source:

Now a little history lessons when it comes to the images on boosters. Recently it’s been very popular to show of the planeswalkers on the booster packs, and I don’t see any reason for them to skip this for M12 when the planeswalker set up changes. Also the artwork on the packs has always matched the actual artwork on the cards. We’ve seen that Sorin Markov (Yay!) is in the set, and he’s keeping his old artwork.

If Sorin Marko keeps his old artwork I don’t see why they would change the artwork on Chandra and Garruk if there wasn’t a good reason for doing so. Of course planeswalker has been released with different artwork before, but they’ve always been promos or special releases. Take a look at the first picture again, we clearly see a full body art of Garruk and Chandra, and that’s PROBABLY the way they will look in the set.

So are we looking at a rework? Most of us probably didn’t mind the old Garruk, he was good, he did his thing and all abilities had a good mix of green. But Chandra, will she finally find a form that will stay and be loved. Will the Chandra fans scream in joy? Let’s hope so. Seeing as she is my second favorite after Liliana Vess, I wouldn’t mind seeing her becoming more powerful.


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