Activity = KABLAMO!

It’s interesting to see how easy it is to start blogging again, and every time I do it, I overdo it. I blog so much that I kill the strength to write about the things I love. In the past I had two blogs that worked separately for different crowds and different interests.

Slowly these two blogs are merging together to have a lot of the same content. If you’ve been on here you should have noticed that game reviews are popping up. That was the first BIG change of this blog. I’m also starting to write in English to get some more hits on this blog. Cause I want this blog to end up growing, having my other blog (seen here: ) die out slowly.

Nurgle’s Place is the blog where I put anything and everything that interest me in the game world. I will start posting things that I see and find and think about when it comes to games. And hopefully I can get this blog as big my last game blog.

Wait… bigger.

So for all of you that’s been following this as my local Yu Gi Oh and TCG blog, you will see a lot of change. These things mostly being:
1 – In with the digital games!
1.1 – Reviews, articles, thoughts, videos, other blogs, pictures and much more.
2 – Now in English.
3. Old post from will be posted here to update this place with the new touch.

But a lot of it will also be the same as before:
1 – TCG, Yu Gi Oh vids (sadly I really can’t do these in English.. unless I… sub the videos)
2 – Posts about board games, TCGs, other fun stuff. Will also stay on the blog.


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